All Other Perils Not Enumerated

All Other Perils Not Enumerated,

How Do You Define All Other Perils Not Enumerated?

  1. All Other Perils Not Enumerated definition is: Not all causes of loss are covered by the insurance policy.

Literal Meanings of All Other Perils Not Enumerated


Meanings of All:
  1. It is used to indicate the total number or level of a particular group or thing.

  2. Used for emphasis.

  3. The same result is used after a number (in games) to indicate.

  4. All your energy or interest.

Sentences of All
  1. Everyone I meet

  2. After the expansion, two of them still remain

  3. Give them everything they believe

Synonyms of All

each of, every single one of the, each one of the, every one of the


Meanings of Other:
  1. Seeing or treating (a person or group of people) is naturally different and foreign.

  2. Someone or something else is or is different from what was mentioned.

  3. An extra or extra person or something like that already mentioned.

  4. Something different, different or contradictory to something or to yourself.

  5. Identify someone or something that is different or different from what was mentioned or known.

  6. Extra extras

Sentences of Other
  1. Attach the camera to a tripod or other support

  2. More tips

Synonyms of Other

additional, supplemental, more, extra, added, supplementary, further


Meanings of Perils:
  1. Putting yourself at risk.

  2. Serious and immediate danger.

Sentences of Perils
  1. Jonathan risked his life for David

  2. You can put us both in danger

Synonyms of Perils

insecurity, menace, jeopardy, imperil, uncertainty, expose to danger, riskiness, put in jeopardy, threat, risk, endanger, put in danger, hazard, danger, expose to risk, threaten, put on the line, perilousness, put at risk


Meanings of Not:
  1. It is used to match the auxiliary or "to" verb. It is used in some constructions with other verbs.

  2. It is used as a short alternative to the negative clause.

  3. It is used to denote another word.

  4. It is best used to indicate the truth of a word or phrase that comes after it.

  5. When the variable is zero and vice versa, the only variable boolean operator is one.

  6. (Paper) is not hot pressed and has a slight texture.

Sentences of Not
  1. He will not say

  2. I may regret it, but I have no hope

  3. No attempt was made

  4. The future is not far off

Synonyms of Not

reluctant, not about, slow, averse, disinclined, indisposed, not in the mood, loath


Meanings of Enumerated:
  1. Mention (some things) one by one.

Sentences of Enumerated
  1. There is no place to list all your tasks

Synonyms of Enumerated

catalogue, set out, give, set forth, list, itemize