All Ordinaries Index

All Ordinaries Index,

All Ordinaries Index:

  1. A measure provided by the Australian Stock Exchange of the stock price movements of the 250 Australian companies identified in the index.

Literal Meanings of All Ordinaries Index


Meanings of All:
  1. It is used to indicate the total number or level of a particular group or thing.

  2. Used for emphasis.

  3. Used after a number (in sports) to indicate a tie.

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  1. Everyone I meet

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Synonyms of All

each of, every single one of the, every one of the, each one of the


Meanings of Ordinaries:
  1. Is it restricted or standard?

  2. A judge who exercises authority based on his position and not through a delegation.

  3. A member of the clergy, such as the archbishop of a province or bishop of the Diocese, with direct jurisdiction.

  4. Parts of a Roman Catholic service, especially the Mass, do not change from one day to the next.

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  6. Summary for common stock

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  10. (Especially a judge or bishop) who exercises authority based on position of authority and not through a delegation.

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  1. Your photos are endowed with enough emotion to make you look better than usual.

  2. Wants to explain to ordinary people

  3. In this case, ordinary judges do not have the right to disregard national law, but they are obliged to appeal to the Constitutional Court.

Synonyms of Ordinaries

day-to-day, typical, common, stock, routine, standard, quotidian, accustomed, normal, traditional, wonted, fixed, everyday, habitual, set, expected, daily, usual, prevailing, settled, regular, customary, established


Meanings of Index:
  1. Values ​​(prices, salaries, or other payments) are automatically linked to the prices of the price index.

  2. Moving or moving from one default position to another to perform a set of operators (of a machine or part of a machine).

  3. An alphabetical list of names, articles, etc. usually refers to the place where they occur at the end of the book.

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  6. Indicates the instrument that measures the scale, and so does the intensity.

Sentences of Index
  1. List these lists under regional headings

  2. Legislation linking wages to prices

  3. Occupy the common positions on the inverted and index pins

  4. Remove cross-references from large directories

  5. Test scores can be used as an indicator of teacher effectiveness.

  6. There is evidence in this work that for any closed fold, the sum of the general vector field indexes is topologically invasive, i.e. characteristic of the Euler.

Synonyms of Index

token, evidence, needle, symptom, indication, lead, marker, hint, mark, implication, signal, pointer, intimation, suggestion, indicator, hand, guide, finger, sign, clue

All Ordinaries Index,

All Ordinaries Index means,

  • All Ordinaries Index definition is: A measure of the stock movement of 250 Australian companies indicated in the index by the Australian Stock Exchange.

Literal Meanings of All Ordinaries Index


Meanings of All:
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Meanings of Index:
  1. An alphabetical list of names, articles, etc., with references to where they occur, is usually at the end of the book.

  2. Title, article, author, or other type of collection of books or documents, such as a list of alphabets in a library.

  3. A set of items, each of which identifies one of the records in the file and contains information about your address.

  4. A number on a system or scale that represents the average price of something other than a particular price, inventory, or reference number.

  5. A number that indicates the extent of a physical property or other phenomenon that is measured against a standard.

  6. Added to Exponent or other subscripts or superscript set.

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  8. The hand gesture is used to draw attention to the banknote.

  9. Automatically associates prices (prices, salaries, or other payments) with the values ​​in the price index.

  10. (Of a machine or part of a machine) To rotate or move from one default position to another.

Sentences of Index
  1. Concluding notes, bibliographies, and name and subject indicators facilitate educational use and instant reference.

  2. It contains 648 pages of text, divided into 39 chapters and installments, in addition to a 26-page thematic and designated index.

  3. Helpful appendices, many references, and lists of articles and names are in this volume.

  4. Carefully commented on and extensively polished, it contains a historical table of former Iranian rulers, a selected bibliography and a 25-page index.

  5. A nine-page bibliography as well as an index of names and topics completes the book and makes it accessible.

  6. First, the index lists all common names and races, but not all species are listed in the genus.

  7. Intuitively found no match between 5,000 images and a 40-page subject index.

  8. On the one hand, this book contains a definitive bibliography and an index on the subject.

  9. The volume ends with a list of 200 pages for the screen and the screen person.

  10. This book contains a comprehensive index which makes it a useful tool for researchers and students.

Synonyms of Index

list, key, catalogue, directory, listing, inventory, table of contents