All Authority Should Be Questioned

All Authority Should Be Questioned

Agree or disagree: Should an agency be asked if it is helpful and / or beneficial? ۔

This includes political power, science, standards, traditions, and so on.

If applicable, include your religion and why you feel this way.

I will try not to get involved in the discussion, but the temptation to join can be huge for me.


Disappointed with the number of replies until ...

Someone raises a problem by asking too many questions, which can lead to confusion. Not knowing what is right or wrong also raises questions. I will briefly discuss both.

First question: I'm not sure it will cause any confusion. I think this is a misunderstanding. We usually try to bring order to the chaos, meaning the basics are the foundation. We have to accept some things in life as life, some things to live in society and some things to live freely in that society. This idea may be debatable, but I don't really mean it. I mean people who have the power to make people do what they want.

Second question: I don't know if you answered my question, but only if ... there doesn't have to be universal right and wrong here to move forward. The problem is that when people handle everything at once.

Where is the religion? I think the idea of ​​asking questions will upset some people, as it did in the past.

accepted. You always have to challenge yourself to learn ... not just accept what you have to say. Check and demonstrate the validity of each rule through experience.

Surah Shabda Yoga

He even expects people to look for the truth and not trust it.

Acts 17:10 Immediately Paul and Silas' brothers were sold. When they got there, they went to the synagogue. 11 This was less than the Jews of Thessalonica, because they examined the Scriptures daily and searched the Scriptures daily to see if it was true.

Romans 12: 2 And not according to this world, but changed with the renewal of his mind, that he might prove that this is a good, pleasant, and perfect will.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Taste and taste what is good.

Now it may be difficult to question some things, such as the Department of Homeland Security. If you live in one country (and many others like it), it is impossible to silence some questions. Also, I'm not going to limit the amount of information a website has about you. I think everyone has read the notice that they collect information from their users. Do you also know that you work with these authorities to resolve differences?

We should all think we are from Missouri.

My religion I am only a member of the church.

When you really think of things:

In one argument, both sides think they are right. And since everyone will form an opinion, there can be no mediator. So, do we always know what is good and what is not? Of course not.

So there are people who agree with a leader and there are people who disagree. The best thing we can do about positions of power is make the right decisions.

This will definitely include challenges and questions.

I am an atheist.

I am less concerned with questions of authority than with the search for truth.

We need a corner point which is the available authority. There must always be an order.

If we question everything, we can be confused.

We must acquire knowledge whenever possible.

As we learn more, we may question authority or ways to improve it.

All Authority Should Be Questioned