Definition of Aliquot:

  1. A portion of a larger whole, especially a sample taken for chemical analysis or other treatment.

  2. Divide (a whole) into aliquots; take aliquots from (a whole).

  3. Not the whole, but a part or portion contained an exact number of times in the whole, such as 5 in 20.

Synonyms of Aliquot

Algorismic, Algorithmic, Cardinal, Decimal, Differential, Digital, Even, Exponential, Figural, Figurate, Figurative, Finite, Fractional, Imaginary, Impair, Impossible, Infinite, Integral, Irrational, Logarithmic, Logometric, Negative, Numeral, Numerary, Numerative, Numeric, Odd, Ordinal, Pair, Positive, Possible, Prime, Radical, Rational, Real, Reciprocal, Submultiple, Surd, Transcendental

How to use Aliquot in a sentence?

  1. This solution was then aliquoted for three separate mass spectrometer analyses.
  2. An aliquot was examined daily for the appearance of cholesterol monohydrate crystals.

Meaning of Aliquot & Aliquot Definition