Definition of Alignment:

  1. Arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.

  2. Corporate: Linking of organizational goals with the employees personal goals. Requires common understanding of purposes and goals of the organization, and consistency between every objective and plan right down to the incentive offers.

  3. Typographic: Placement of text relative to the margins. In left alignment, all lines begin from the same distance from the left margin but end at varying distances from the right margin. In right alignment, lines begin at varying distances from the left-margin, but end at the same distance from the right margin. In justified alignment, lines begin and end at the same distance from left and right margins respectively.

  4. A position of agreement or alliance.

Synonyms of Alignment

Alliance, Union, Partnership, Affiliation, Bloc, Caucus, Arrangement, Layout, Geography, Design, Organization, Order, Ordering, Array, Presentation, Grouping, Sorting, Positioning, Disposition, Marshalling, Ranging, Alignment, Accommodation, Adaptation, Adjustment, Affiliation, Alliance, Amalgamation, Analogy, Association, Bearings, Cahoots, Coadunation, Coalescence, Coalition, Coextension, Colleagueship, Collegialism, Collegiality, Collineation, Combination, Comradeship, Concurrence, Confederacy, Confederation, Confraternity, Consolidation, Copartnership, Copartnery, Disorientation, Equidistance, Federation, Fellowship, Fraternalism, Fraternity, Fraternization, Freemasonry, Fusion, Hookup, Inclusion, Incorporation, Integration, League, Merger, Nondivergence, Orientation, Parallelism, Partnership, Sodality, Sorority, Tie-in, Tie-up, Unification, Union

How to use Alignment in a sentence?

  1. The tiles had slipped out of alignment.
  2. If our goals are in alignment , we should have no problem working with each other on this project without any conflict.
  3. A firm famous for its liberal alignment.
  4. Astronomy is more popular than it should be, considering it teaches that the chemistry in the brain that controls personality is dictated by the alignment of burning balls of fire in space.
  5. Our hearts were in alignment , which meant we understood each other in a way that no other person on earth could.

Meaning of Alignment & Alignment Definition

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