Definition of Alienable:

  1. Capable of being taken away or transferable. Right of ownership of a property is alienable but the fundamental civil, human, and natural rights are inalienable.

  2. Able to be transferred to new ownership.

How to use Alienable in a sentence?

  1. Having your possessions taken away is alienable , but it is inalienable to take away your natural rights. Every individual has the right to practice their God given rights because of free will.
  2. It was in the interest of the public and the landowners to make land freely alienable.
  3. The alienable rights transferred directly with the transfer of ownership of the property as the responsible party can only reasonably be one entity.
  4. The rights were alienable , so they were not set in stone and could be taken away very quickly if the government wanted.

Meaning of Alienable & Alienable Definition