Definition of Alien:

  1. Belonging to a foreign country or nation.

  2. A foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.

  3. A person who is a citizen of a country other than the country in which he or she resides.

Synonyms of Alien

Foreigner, Foreign national, Non-native, Immigrant, Emigrant, émigré, Incomer, Newcomer, Visitor, Outsider, Stranger, Jim Crow, Martian, Uitlander, Abalienate, Adversary, Adversative, Adverse, Alienate, Alter, Antagonistic, Anti, Antipathetic, Antithetic, Apart, Apartheid, Assign, Astronaut, Auslander, Barbarian, Barbaric, Barbarous, Case, Cede, Change, Character, Clashing, Color bar, Competitive, Con, Conflicting, Contradictory, Contrary, Convert, Convey, Cosmonaut, Counter, Crackpot, Crank, Cross, Deed, Deracine, Detached, Disaccordant, Disaffect, Disconnected, Discrete, Disjunct, Displaced person, Disrelated, Dissentient, Dissociated, Disunify, Disunite, Division, Eccentric, Emigre, Enemy, Ethnocentrism, Exclusiveness, Exile, Exotic, Exterior, External, Exterrestrial, Exterritorial, Extragalactic, Extralateral, Extraliminal, Extramundane, Extramural, Extraneous, Extrapolar, Extraprovincial, Extrasolar, Extraterrene, Extraterrestrial, Extraterritorial, Extratribal, Extrinsic, Fanatic, Foreign, Foreign devil, Foreign-born, Foreigner, Fractious, Give up, Gringo, Hand over, Hermit, Hobo, Hostile, Immigrant, Incommensurable, Incomparable, Incompatible, Incongruous, Inconsonant, Independent, Inimical, Insular, Insularity, Insulation, Intrusive, Irrelative, Isolated, Isolation, Know-nothingism, Kook, Lone wolf, Loner, Make over, Man from Mars, Maverick, Meshuggenah, Narrowness, Natural, Negative, Newcomer, Nonconformist, Noncooperative, Nut, Obstinate, Odd fellow, Oddball, Oddity, Opponent, Opposed, Opposing, Opposite, Oppositional, Oppositive, Oppugnant, Original, Other, Otherworldly, Out-group, Outcast, Outland, Outlander, Outlandish, Outlaw, Outside, Outsider, Overthwart, Pariah, Parochialism, Persona non grata, Perverse, Planetary colony, Quarantine, Queer duck, Queer fish, Queer specimen, Race hatred, Racial segregation, Rara avis, Recalcitrant, Refractory, Refugee, Relinquish, Remise, Removed, Repugnant, Rival, Rocket man, Rocketeer, Screwball, Seclusion, Segregate, Segregation, Separate, Separated, Separation, Sign over, Snobbishness, Solitary, Space, Space crew, Space traveler, Spaceman, Strange, Stranger, The Wandering Jew, Tightness, Tramontane, Tramp, Transcendental, Transmundane, Type, Ulterior, Ultramontane, Unaffiliated, Unallied, Unassociated, Unconnected, Uncooperative, Unearthly, Unfamiliar, Unfavorable, Unfriendly, Unpropitious, Unrelatable, Unrelated, Wanderer, Wean, Xenophobia, Zealot, Foreign, Overseas, Non-native, External, Distant, Remote

How to use Alien in a sentence?

  1. An illegal alien.
  2. This is blundering on foreign soil in an alien culture which they fail to grasp and arrogantly underestimate and they will ultimately pay the price of their ignorance.

Meaning of Alien & Alien Definition