Alien Insurer

Alien Insurer,

What is The Meaning of Alien Insurer?

  • Alien Insurer means, Licensed under state law by an underter and some out of jurisdiction. For example, from a United States perspective, a Bermuda insurer would become a foreign insurer.

  • Alien Insurer refers to A foreign insurance company is an insurance company established and incorporated in one country, but which sells and offers insurance in another country. Foreign insurers follow domestic industry rules to sell their products there.

  • An insurance company based in another country. Compare with foreign insurers.

  • Licensed under state insurance and outside state jurisdiction. For example, from an Indian point of view, a Bangladeshi insured would become a foreign insurer.

Literal Meanings of Alien Insurer


Meanings of Alien:
  1. Owned by a foreign country.

  2. Foreigners, especially those who do not become natural from their country of residence.

Sentences of Alien
  1. It is a mistake in foreign culture in foreign lands that they do not understand and do not act lightly and pay the price for their ignorance.

  2. Illegal aliens

Synonyms of Alien

foreign, overseas, non-native, external, distant, remote, foreigner, foreign national, immigrant, emigrant, émigré, incomer, newcomer, visitor, outsider, stranger


Meanings of Insurer:
  1. The person or company that will take the insurance risk that forces the contractor to pay compensation.

Sentences of Insurer
  1. It will even help you convert your insurers' expected losses into mortgage payments.