Definition of Aliasing:

  1. In computer graphics, the jagged, or saw-toothed appearance of curved or diagonal lines on a low-resolution monitor.

  2. The misidentification of a signal frequency, introducing distortion or error.

  3. Distortion caused in analog-to-digital conversion by a too low rate of data sampling. For audio signals, it usually results in flutter (rapid change in the signal) and, for video signals, in stairsteps-like jagged edges (called jaggies) that appear on an image of curved or slanted lines. Cured or subdued by antialiasing techniques such as filtering or super-sampling.

How to use Aliasing in a sentence?

  1. You need to be able to break down any aliasing and figure out how to use it to the best of your advantage.
  2. All of this aliasing in the audio and graphics in the game is very noticeable on the newer systems and makes the game difficult to play.
  3. Standard-definition content looks good, but brings with it the usual artifacts: noise, line aliasing, and occasional interlacing.
  4. The aliasing issue was of concern in migrating from the old analog system to the new digital system so we focused on this.
  5. High-frequency sounds are prone to aliasing.

Meaning of Aliasing & Aliasing Definition


This is an effect caused by sampling an image at too slow a rate. This makes fast-changing areas of the image (many textures) look like slow-changing areas in the preview image. Once this is done, it is extremely difficult to reproduce the original sample image.