Definition of Algorithm:

  1. Adhere to a set of rules or procedures when performing calculations or other troubleshooting operations, especially by computer.

  2. Financial companies use algorithms in areas such as credit prices, stock trading, asset and liability management, and many automated functions. For example, algorithmic trading, also known as algorithmic trading, is used to determine the time, price, and number of stock market orders. Algorithmic trading, also called automated trading or black box trading, uses computer programs to buy or sell stocks that humans cannot afford.

  3. A tutorial on how to perform an operation (such as a map or flow chart), if followed correctly, will achieve the desired result. The algorithm has a limited number of start and end steps. Algorithms produce the same output information for the same input information, and several short algorithms can be combined to perform complex tasks, for example. B. Write a computer program. Cookbook recipes, diagnostics and routine troubleshooting are just a few common examples of simple algorithms. However, algorithms (which can be analyzed approximately) to solve structural problems are not suitable for problems that require pricing. See also horticultural and background thinking.

  4. An algorithm is a series of instructions used to solve a problem or perform a task. A common example of an algorithm is a recipe that contains specific instructions for dish preparation. Each computing device uses algorithms to perform its functions.

Synonyms of Algorithm

Octal system, Technique, Practice, The drill, Math, Lines, Modus operandi, Means, Course, Figures, Way, The how, Numbers, MO, Mathematics, Tone, Method, Process, Applied mathematics, Order, Methodology, Approach, Manner, Mode, Procedure, Pure mathematics, System, Arabic numerals, Wise, Decimal system, Routine, Proceeding, Roman numerals, Fashion, Algorism, Guise, Style, Binary system, Line, Mode of procedure, Higher mathematics, Line of action, Mode of operation, Tack, Form, Duodecimal system, The way of, Manner of working, Mathematic, Hexadecimal system, Attack

How to use Algorithm in a sentence?

  1. To solve a Rubik's Cube, you need to learn several algorithms that move a certain block, but return to their original position after a certain turn.
  2. Each time you run a computer program, the program runs a code algorithm, which performs a function under certain conditions based on the terms written in the code.
  3. An algorithm is a set of instructions used to solve a problem or perform a task. Each computing device uses algorithms to perform its functions.
  4. Scientists need algorithms that allow them to understand problems in a systematic, numerical and precise way and arrive at the final answers.
  5. The basic algorithm for distribution.
  6. Algorithmic trading, also called automated trading or black box trading, uses computer programs to buy or sell stocks that humans cannot afford. With stocks, bonds and commodity prices in various online formats and business data, the process algorithm used to handle dozens of financial data is simple.
  7. Computer algorithms make life easier by reducing the time it takes to run manually. In the world of automation, algorithms allow employees to be more competent and focused. Algorithms make the slow process more efficient. In many cases, especially in automation, algorithms save companies money.

Meaning of Algorithm & Algorithm Definition

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