Alford Plea

Alford Plea,

How Do You Define Alford Plea?

  1. The definition of Alford Plea is: A criminal charge that does not confess to a crime but admits that there is enough evidence to convict

Literal Meanings of Alford Plea


Meanings of Plea:
  1. An urgent, emotional request.

  2. The statement that a situation means that you should not be blamed or that you should not be forced to do anything.

  3. In response to an allegation, the defendant or defendant will make a formal statement, statement of fact or indication by the defendant or detainee, or indicate that the legal matter should apply

Sentences of Plea
  1. But unlike Moore, she does not rely on the emotional connections of abusive mothers and funny songs to lighten the mood.

  2. Beware of charities that do a lot of emotional advertising but there is no specific example of where the money is going.

  3. He is also hesitant about his feelings, annoyed and disturbed about his emotional voice.

  4. Parents emotionally appeal to save the school.

  5. Many people are begging with emotion and strength not to discuss it.

  6. Activists will call on them at the highest level for immediate steps to improve rail transport.

  7. The carnival was organized by just four dedicated volunteers, and Alien, 62, called for immediate help.

  8. The 21-day-old was last seen and his family was emotionally called back yesterday, six days later.

  9. The father of a missing Yorkshire woman has made an emotional plea for information about his daughter, who went missing three weeks ago.

  10. A resident made an emotional plea to stop a road project that would ruin his wife's business.

  11. An urgent call was made from charities providing essential services for cash assistance to vulnerable residents of the competition.

Synonyms of Plea

prayer, justification, explanation, entreaty, defence, petition, supplication, vindication