Alcoyana Alcoyana

Alcoyana Alcoyana

Alcoana Alcoana Deck / What does the phrase mean?


It was a coincidence!

In fact, there is a version. Between 1986 and 1994, Bergogo launched an initiative and response program called Atreus vs Suà AR. 9. Scoring is one of the games in which participants must look at the board with 7 irregular marks for 10 silks, then turn. Keep them on your back and try to fit them properly from bottom to top. If there is a match, mark the name of the director. And when there is no temptation. That's why I coined the term Alquana Alquana. Because it can contain vertigo vertigo. The supermarket program is called Clinic Keja and was organized by Bergo in 1995 with C9 and its predecessors.

In fact, the only brand and every occasion is called Alcoana Alcoana !!

"I'm 49 years old and I remember that part of the program very well," Jiwan said. There is a video on YouTube where you can see some examples.

About 15 years ago there was a very successful grocery program, Ms.

With another Dean's competitor, to take the utix requested by the Event Master. When the women came to the cashier, the driver asked about Yoto and it is true that he asked

The program director informs ALCOYANAALCOYANA, which will be the program's user number,

Directed by Berogo Carmbola, Moe is highly featured on Argentine television in terms of rankings.

There is also Carla Conte.

Alquana will be a bed maker.

Alcoyana Alcoyana