Definition of Alarm:

  1. An anxious awareness of danger.

  2. Cause (someone) to feel frightened, disturbed, or in danger.

  3. Notification of a present or imminent danger.

  4. Be fitted or protected with an alarm.

Synonyms of Alarm

Frighten, Scare, Panic, Startle, Unnerve, Distress, Agitate, Upset, Fluster, Ruffle, Disconcert, Shock, Daunt, Dismay, Disturb, Work up, Terrify, Terrorize, Petrify, Make someones blood run cold, Fear, Anxiety, Apprehension, Trepidation, Nervousness, Unease, Distress, Agitation, Consternation, Disquiet, Perturbation, Fright, Panic, Dread, Horror, Shock, Terror, Angelus, Angelus bell, Roman candle, Abject fear, Admonishment, Admonition, Affright, Aid to navigation, Alarum, Alert, Amaze, Amber light, Anxiety, Apprehension, Arouse, Astonish, Awe, Balefire, Battle cry, Beacon, Beacon fire, Bell, Bell buoy, Birdcall, Blinker, Blue funk, Blue peter, Bugle call, Buoy, Call, Caution, Caution light, Caveat, Cold feet, Consternation, Cowardice, Cry havoc, Cry wolf, Curdle the blood, Daunt, Deterrent example, Discomfort, Dismay, Disquiet, Distress, Disturb, Dread, Example, Excitement, Fear, Final notice, Final warning, Flare, Fly storm warnings, Fog bell, Fog signal, Fog whistle, Foghorn, Forewarning, Fright, Frighten, Funk, Glance, Go light, Gong, Gong buoy, Green light, Heliograph, High sign, Hint, Horn, Horrification, Horripilate, Horror, International alphabet flag, International numeral pennant, Kick, Last post, Leer, Lesson, Make one tremble, Marker beacon, Monition, Moose call, Moral, Nervousness, Nod, Notice, Notification, Nudge, Object lesson, Panic, Panic fear, Parachute flare, Phobia, Pilot flag, Poke, Police whistle, Prenotice, Quarantine flag, Radio beacon, Raise apprehensions, Rallying cry, Rebel yell, Red flag, Red light, Reveille, Rocket, Sailing aid, Scare, Semaphore, Semaphore flag, Semaphore telegraph, Shake, Sign, Signal, Signal beacon, Signal bell, Signal fire, Signal flag, Signal gong, Signal gun, Signal lamp, Signal light, Signal mast, Signal post, Signal rocket, Signal shot, Signal siren, Signal tower, Siren, Sound the alarm, Sound the tocsin, Spar buoy, Spook, Stagger, Stampede, Startle, Stop light, Strain, Stress, Summons, Surprise, Taps, Tension, Terrify, Terror, Terrorize, The nod, The wink, Threat, Tip-off, Tocsin, Touch, Traffic light, Traffic signal, Trepidation, Trumpet call, Ultimatum, Uneasiness, Unholy dread, Unman, Unnerve, Unstring, Upset, Verbum sapienti, War cry, Warn, Warning, Warning piece, Watch fire, Whistle, White flag, Wigwag, Wigwag flag, Wink, Yellow flag

How to use Alarm in a sentence?

  1. The boat tilted and the boatmen cried out in alarm.
  2. The government was alarmed by an outbreak of unrest.
  3. This door is locked and alarmed between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Meaning of Alarm & Alarm Definition

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An alarm is a device installed to prevent theft in a vehicle or home. Most alarms sound loud, while others indicate to the owner that the vehicle or home has been damaged.

Meanings of Alarm

  1. Awareness of terrible dangers.

  2. Make (someone) scared, upset or in danger.

  3. Completed or saved by an alarm.

Sentences of Alarm

  1. The ship is folded and the boat is alert

  2. As the riots spread, the government was alerted

  3. The doors have been locked and alerted between 11pm. And 6 p.m.

Synonyms of Alarm

make someone's blood run cold


What Does Alarm Mean?

  • Alarm means: An alarm is a device that is installed in a vehicle or ear to prevent theft. Most alarms work loudly. Send a signal to the other operator that I or his vehicle is disturbed.

Meanings of Alarm

  1. Terrible awareness of the danger

  2. Intimidate, annoy or harm (someone).

  3. Equipped with alarm or safe.

Sentences of Alarm

  1. The boat capsized and the boatman sounded the alarm.

  2. The door is locked and the alarm goes off between 11 p.m. And 23h and 6h.

Synonyms of Alarm

unnerving, petrifying, dreadful, frightening, disturbing, put the wind up someone, distressing, upsetting, fearsome, disquieting, rattle, dismaying, scary, chilling, perturbing, harrowing, terrifying, disconcerting, shocking, hair-raising, daunting


Alarm: What is the Meaning of Alarm?

Alarm is a device installed in a vehicle or ear to prevent theft. Most alarms work loudly, sending signals to other operators that I or your vehicle is disturbed.

Meanings of Alarm

  1. To frighten (someone), to be upset or in danger.

Sentences of Alarm

  1. The door is locked and the alarm goes off between 11pm. And 23:00 and Friday. M.

Synonyms of Alarm

forbidding, appalling, startling, monstrous