Aktiengesellschaft (AG)

Aktiengesellschaft (AG),

Aktiengesellschaft (AG): What is the Meaning of Aktiengesellschaft (AG)?

Definition of Aktiengesellschaft (AG): AG stands for AccentageShalf, a German term for a joint stock company. The company's shares are offered to the public and traded on a public stock exchange. Shareholder liability is limited to their participation. The partners are not responsible for the company's debts and their assets are safe in the event of bankruptcy.

  • ActingSailShaft is a German term for companies listed on the German Stock Exchange.
  • As an AG, these lines follow the name of the limited liability company.
  • Companies designated by AGs increase regulatory scrutiny and must meet various initial and ongoing requirements in order to maintain their status.

Literal Meanings of Aktiengesellschaft (AG)


Meanings of AG:
  1. It is used to express various emotions, from anger or pain to happiness.

  2. Silver chemical element.

  3. antigens.

  4. General assistant

  5. ActingGel Shift, used by a German joint stock company.

  6. Attorney General.

Sentences of AG
  1. Breakfast is provided for agricultural development companies at the official festival site.

  2. More information on Ag Young Couples Conferences is available from agricultural organizations.

  3. Our agricultural product groups, trade associations, councils and organizations have a lot of contacts and have achieved great success in marketing their products all over the world.

  4. The letter was signed by 12 agricultural organizations before the negotiators left the business meeting.

  5. We send direct mail and compile a list of agricultural organizations.