Definition of Airtime:

  1. The time a pilot or or aircraft spends in flight.

  2. Time during which a broadcast is being transmitted.

  3. Duration for which a cell phone call lasts, measured in minutes or seconds depending on the type of service (analog or digital) or service provider. If calling party pays (CPP) scheme is applicable then only the caller pays, otherwise both the caller and the receiver pay.

  4. Duration (usually in seconds) of the broadcast of a commercial the time slot for which the advertiser is billed.

  5. Scheduled day or period of a radio or television broadcast, identified by the beginning time and duration.

How to use Airtime in a sentence?

  1. The product launch got off to a slow start with lackluster sales but once the company purchased ad airtime on several popular national radio shows, sales increased dramatically.
  2. You should try to get some airtime during an event that everyone watches on tv so that many people see your product.
  3. I was glad that our show had a whole half hour of airtime , because we could write a big enough story to last.
  4. Advertising takes up half the airtime on that radio station.
  5. A relatively new pilot with just 100 hours of airtime.

Meaning of Airtime & Airtime Definition