Air Stripping

Air Stripping,

Air Stripping Definition:

  1. Treatment systems that remove contaminated soil or surface water. Removes organic compounds (VOCs), and forces air to flow through water, causing them to evaporate.

Literal Meanings of Air Stripping


Meanings of Air:
  1. Hidden gaseous substances that surround the earth, especially a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.

  2. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

  3. A short melody or composition, usually a song.

  4. Jump off the ground on a snowboard or snowboard.

  5. Public opinion (opinion or complaint).

  6. Expose to the outside (room) to provide ventilation.

Sentences of Air
  1. The tension in the water level increases and even the density of air around the earth increases and falls like tide.

  2. He responded with a mild expression of anger

  3. A traditional Scottish song sung in Gaelic

  4. I like to see Richie behind the horses, this is my favorite style and music.

  5. A meeting in which old grievances were raised

  6. The window frame is raised regularly to ventilate the room

Synonyms of Air

expression, appearance, look, impression, aspect, manner, bearing, mien, countenance, tune, melody, song, theme, strain, refrain, piece, aria, express, voice, make public, vent, ventilate


Meanings of Stripping:
  1. Remove all lines from

  2. Do not use accessories or accessories.

  3. Stealing from someone (position, power or property)

  4. Sales for profit (company assets).

  5. Disconnect all cables or teeth (screws, gears, etc.).

  6. Due to the loss of area, the rifle is fired without any rotation

  7. Undressing, especially during a striptease.

  8. Identify the clothes worn by members of the sports team during sports.

  9. Fabric, paper, plastic or other long, narrow material.

  10. A joke

  11. One program is broadcast regularly at the same time.

Sentences of Stripping
  1. He pulled the bed

  2. The thieves removed the trunk

  3. The lieutenant was removed from his post

  4. The first is that the CEO in question is strong enough to take the company's assets with him for his own benefit.

  5. Removing the patch can damage the female threads on the grid.

  6. He got drunk and played the piano

  7. Her dress line is an impressive mix of red, white and blue

  8. A piece of linen

  9. A joke

  10. Offers a book of tips two hours a week

Synonyms of Stripping

empty, clear, clean out, plunder, rob, burgle, loot, rifle, pillage, ransack, gut, lay bare, devastate, sack, ravage, raid, take away from, dispossess, deprive, confiscate, divest, relieve, deny, outfit, clothes, clothing