Definition of Aim:

  1. A purpose or intention; a desired outcome.

  2. Have the intention of achieving.

  3. Point or direct (a weapon or camera) at a target.

  4. To attempt or intend to reach a certain goal. I aim to finish this project in a week or less..

  5. A specific goal or purpose. My aim is to be a strong, hard-working employee..

  6. The directing of a weapon or object at a target.

Synonyms of Aim

Point, Direct, Train, Sight, Focus, Level, Line up, Position, Address, Affectation, Aim at, Ambition, Angle, Animus, Aspiration, Aspire, Aspire after, Aspire to, Atmosphere, Attempt, Aura, Azimuth, Be after, Be determined, Bear, Bearing, Bend, Bent, Butt, By-end, By-purpose, Cast, Character, Choose, Complacency, Concentrate, Contemplate, Counsel, Course, Covet, Crave, Current, Descant, Desideration, Desideratum, Design, Desire, Destination, Destine, Determination, Determine, Diapason, Direct, Direction, Direction line, Directionize, Dispose, Drift, Drive at, Effect, End, End in view, Endeavor, Essay, Expect, Feel, Feeling, Final cause, Fix, Fix on, Fixed purpose, Focus, Function, Game, Go, Go for, Goal, Harbor a design, Have every intention, Have in view, Head, Heading, Helmsmanship, Hold a heading, Hold on, Idea, Idol, Inclination, Incline, Intend, Intendment, Intent, Intention, Labor, Lay, Lead, Level, Level at, Lie, Line, Line of direction, Line of march, Loftiness, Lugs, Mannerism, Mark, Mean, Meaning, Measure, Melodia, Melody, Mind, Mood, Motive, Navigation, Nisus, Object, Object in mind, Objective, Orientation, Ostentation, Pant, Piloting, Plan, Point, Point at, Point to, Present, Pretentiousness, Prey, Project, Property, Proposal, Propose, Prospectus, Purport, Purpose, Pursuit, Quality, Quarry, Quarter, Quintain, Range, Reason for being, Resolution, Resolve, Run, Sake, Seek, Self-importance, Semblance, Set, Show, Sight on, Steer, Steerage, Steering, Strain, Strive, Striving, Struggle, Study, Sweat, Sweat blood, Take aim, Target, Teleology, Tend, Tend to go, Tendency, Tenor, Think, Track, Train, Train upon, Trend, Try, Tune, Turn, Turn upon, Ultimate aim, Urge, Vainglory, Vanity, Verge, View, Want, Warble, Way, Will, Wish, Yearn for, Work towards, Be after, Set ones sights on, Try for, Strive for, Pursue, Seek, Aspire to, Endeavour to achieve, Have in view, Have designs on, Wish for, Want, Objective, Object, Goal, End, Target, Grail, Holy grail, Design, Desire, Desired result, Intention, Intent, Plan, Purpose, Idea, Point, Object of the exercise

How to use Aim in a sentence?

  1. Aim the camcorder at some suitable object.
  2. It is always important to aim high with your business goals so if you succeed you make the most profit.
  3. His aim was perfect, and the guards body collapsed backward.
  4. When setting new goals for your business you should try to aim high and hope for the best in your new venture.
  5. Our primary aim is to achieve financial discipline.
  6. Many businesses in todays market aim to become successful when it comes to sales and customer service, and therefore seek employees who can provide high quality work and determination.
  7. We aim to give you the best possible service.

Meaning of Aim & Aim Definition