Ai Adai Meaning

Ai Adai Meaning

What does magazine in Chamorro mean?

Fantastic and happy shop.

What does Chelu mean in this sense in Chamorro?

Chelu is a Chamorro term for a brother or sister. Mañelu is the plural form of Chelu and refers to multiple siblings. Nowadays, chelu is also used in casual conversation when referring to a peer or close friend.

What does NENI mean in Chamorro?

neni | Chamorro Dictionary 2) an expression of love which is synonymous with the words "dear, dear, dear or dear". Etymology. From the Spanish nene, masculine form of child. Other comments. Anyone who speaks Spanish may mistakenly assume that the feminine form of this word also comes from Chamorro.

And what does Kirida mean in Chamorro?

kiridu | Dictionary name Chamorro. 1) Favorite baby (man) Favorite ■■■■■■ baby 2) Dear friend (man).

What does Taki mean in Chamorro?

Taki means to uplift / encourage Fijians. In Chamorro it means something else. Finished.

What's great about Chamorro?

Belle en Chamorro NOTE: The word bunitu, from the Spanish bonito, is often used as a generic term to describe things as beautiful or beautiful. Often when you say that a show or movie was good or funny, it is called bunitu.

What does Chalan mean in Chamorro?

Chalan Pago is a CHAmoru word meaning Pago Road. The village of Ordot appears to have its origins in the 19th century.

What does Ai Adai mean in Chamorro?

Ai Adai (in uhday): As far as I know, it's mostly an expression of irritation. You usually shake your head back and forth and play a teaspoon as you say this phrase. I felt it too, but it also expressed surprise or a little shock.

How do you say love in Chamorro?

Hu guaiya hao literally means "I love you" and is the most common way of expressing love to someone in Chamorro.

How do you say mine in Chamorro?

Learning to express your likes and dislikes is a great way to show Chamorro's fluidity. To do this, say ya followed by a possessive pronoun. For example, Hu is my pronoun for real estate in Chamorro and it usually follows a word. For example, my car is Karetahu.

What does Hafa Adai mean in Chamorro?

0. Hafa-adai! You can hear it everywhere in the Mariana Islands, at the airport, in hotels and when you enter various establishments.

It is often translated as hello, but what does it actually mean?

Is that omnipresent greeting from Chamorro actually a question of what's going on?

or what's going on?

How can you say I miss you in Chamorro?

To say that I miss you in Chamorro, say Mahålang yu nu hågu. I miss you = mahålang yu nu hågu.

What is an English chamorro?

Nouns, plural Cha mor ros [chuhmawrohz Spanish chahmawrraws] / t ?




Spanish z t ?




s /, (especially crops) Cha mor ro for 1. a people living in the Marianas. the Austronesian language of Chamorro.

What does Chamorro mean in Spanish?

Chamorro = calf (bone).

How do you say thanks to Chamorro?

Say Yuus Seagull This is the most common way to say thank you to Chamorro. The sentence itself is different from its English equivalent.

Where does the word Chamorro come from?

Use in Guam Chamorro is an Austronesian language that has used many Spanish words over time. The word Chamorro comes from Chamorri or Chamoli, which means noble. English and Chamorro are the official languages, although Chamorro is still used in many families, English is ...

What does Biba Guam mean?

biba | Chamorro Dictionary Explodes with exclamations of approval. Etymology. From the Spanish Viva, which means long life or hurray. Other comments. One of the uses of the word in Spanish is as a term to celebrate, as in the word cheers, so the word is now used in modern Chamorro.

What is happening in Chamorro?

The Chamorro language is experiencing a renaissance and we Guamans are proud of it. Don't be surprised if the shop owners and restaurant staff greet you with a warm Håfa Adai (Chamorro bye bye).

What does 88 mean in subtitles?

88. (Slang, SMS, Internet language) Goodbye.

Ai Adai Meaning