Ahora Te Puedes Marchar English

Ahora Te Puedes Marchar English

Does anyone know the English version of this song? 3

The song I know is Ara, let Louis Miguel go.

Does anyone know the English version? I know someone else

I Want to Be With You by Dusty Springfield is the most popular version.

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1964: Donna Lin

1976: Bay City Rules

1979: The Tourist (with singer Anne Linux)

1982: Nicklett Larson

1989: Samantha Fox (glamorous British model becomes singer)

1964: Surfs recorded the French version (A Present Tu Peux ten Aller) in 1964 and the Italian version (E adesso te ne puoi andar) and the Spanish version (Ara Te Podemos Marchar) in 1966.

1975: Chelsea Chen records a song for her debut album, Dark Side of Your Mind, in 1975.

1975: Rowley Bedding Somerjoki covers singing in Finnish with Sydän lämpöä täys in his 1975 work, directed by JykeväÃÂen Rakkaus. As a result, Finnish singer Ville Vello later joined the group Aegean.

1983: Flirts sang for Flirts in their 1983 song.

1986: Southside Johnny and the Jokes in their All. Since 1986. At least we have.

1998: Cover version of Twiggy on the Man on Campus soundtrack.

1999: Sir Elton John plays a solo song at the Peoria Civic Center Arena in Illinois on the occasion of Dusty Springfields Day in 1999. He sang a song that said: Dust wherever it is, it's for you, my love, with all my love.

2001: May First and Gimme Gimmes cover the song in 2001 Al in the Wind.

2002: Wonda Shepherd covers a song from the Eli Macbell soundtrack (Eli Macbell Songs, Sony 2002)

Ash covered the song Beer 7 Feet Promotional Tour CD.

2005: Danish metal band Volbeat covers a song from their 2005 album The Strength / The Sound / The Songs.

2007: Tina Arena recorded a song for the song "Love and Loss" in 2007.

2007: Rasputina covers song with guitarist Togi Ramirez.

2007: Tomoko Kawase covers the song (as Tommy February) on his single L.O.V.E.L.Y. handsome boy

2005: Group 7 Flowers from Taiwan covers songs from their 2005 album Al.

2008: Shelby Lane added the song to their distribution tribute Just a Little Lovin, which was released on January 29, 2008.

In 2008, Thai singer Maliwan also covered the song on his Al Me & Moment in time.

I heard the English version of Du Hast. Before that, I was very satisfied to understand what the verses meant, because I had translated the course to get the essence of the song. After that, I easily switched to REAL variant. As far as the angels are concerned, he did not even know that there was any form of English. That doesn't mean I'm going to focus on it, I really like singing because it is.

Ahora Te Puedes Marchar English