Agribusiness And Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®)

Agribusiness And Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®),

Agribusiness And Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) Meanings:

The definition of Agribusiness And Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) is: An insurance certification program that involves research management and addressing agricultural and livestock insurance needs. Individuals who complete the program are involved in agribusiness, agricultural insurance and risk management, as well as in the food industry. Are eligible to submit an AFIS certificate to demonstrate their understanding of. AFIS courses are licensed in most states as insurance agents or educational loan brokers (CEs). The Office program is administered by the International Risk Management Institute, Inc. and is presented online at AFIS.

Literal Meanings of Agribusiness And Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®)


Meanings of Agribusiness:
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Sentences of Agribusiness
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Meanings of AFIS:
  1. = Automatic fingerprint recognition system.