Agreed Value

Agreed Value,

What Does Agreed Value Mean?

  1. Often in the case of works of art and antiquities, there is an agreement between the insurer and the insurer before the price of the insured property.

  2. Agreed Value definition is: This type of policy is available for collectors, vintage or special vehicles that are not as obsolete as most cars. At the beginning of your contract, you and your insurance company agree on a price for your car, which will be paid in writing in lieu of the actual value of the total cash.

  3. The amount you and your insurer agree to insure your car. You can choose this option if your vehicle is relatively new, modified, in better condition than usual, or there are surcharges that are not included in its normal price. Contract value policies are generally more expensive than market value policies. The choice between them depends on your financial condition, the price of your vehicle, the level of risk tolerance and safety, and other factors such as financing your vehicle.

Literal Meanings of Agreed Value


Meanings of Agreed:
  1. Discussed or negotiated, and then all parties agreed.

Sentences of Agreed
  1. Agreed time

Synonyms of Agreed

resolved, chosen, worked out, designated, decreed, established, prescribed, agreed, settled, determined, clinched, concluded, allotted, ordained


Meanings of Value:
  1. Monetary value (some)

  2. See (something else) important or useful that you really value.

  3. Consider that something deserves meaning, value or usefulness.

  4. A person's principles or behaviors determine what is important in life.

  5. Numerical quantity, denoted by algebraic term, quantity, quantity or number.

  6. The relative duration of the voice represented by a note.

Sentences of Value
  1. Its estimated value. 45,000

  2. He began to respect your privacy and freedom.

  3. Your cooperation is invaluable.

  4. Rhythmic values ​​are quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter notes, and the first syllabus uses only the middle finger pattern.

  5. In both cases, the reference to the order depends on its previous use and the price as a word.

  6. The artist uses neighboring color values ​​on low tide

Synonyms of Value

help, good, assess, favourite, standards of behaviour, standards, code of behaviour, treasured, moral code, utility, set a price on, evaluate, prized, helpfulness, cost, assistance, gain, cost out, desirability, efficacy, effectiveness, significance, assay, worth its weight in gold, appraise, principles