What is The Definition of Aggregates/aggregations?

Aggregates/aggregations can be defined as, Accumulation of claims arising from the assumption of various risks facing common causes of damages.

Literal Meanings of Aggregates/aggregations


Meanings of Aggregates:
  1. A set that is a mixture of many different elements.

  2. A material or structure consists of a mass of fragments or particles that are slightly compressed.

  3. A combination or calculation of several different elements as a whole.

  4. Create forms or groups in classes or groups.

Sentences of Aggregates
  1. The council consists of three regional assemblies

  2. The specimens are aggregates of rock and mineral fragments

  3. The total amount of the scholarship

  4. Social professional groups categorize men who share similar professional groups.

Synonyms of Aggregates

pool, unite, conglomerate, group, heap, added, consider together, overall, pile, whole, bundle, entire, collection, quantity, cluster, fuse, put, clump, mass, lump, collect, complete, total


Meanings of Aggregations:
  1. Forming different things into one group.