Definition of Aggregate:

  1. Construction - Granular minerals (such as sand, gravel, gravel) are used with binders (such as cement or clay) to make concrete, mattress or mosaic mixtures.

  2. General: A sum, quantity, or aggregate is obtained by adding or subtracting all the components, elements, or parts of a quantity or group, regardless of whether the resultant quantity is complete (in which everything must be present). )

  3. Form or group them into classes or groups.

  4. Formation or calculation by combining several different units or elements.

  5. A material is a icles or structure that forms a mass of weakly compressed particles or particles.

  6. A unit composed of a combination of several elements (usually different).

Synonyms of Aggregate

Aggregate to, Fasciculated, Length and breadth, Lump together, Muster, Stacked, Mobilize, Whip in, Congeries, Overall, Accumulation, Amount to, Cumulation, Batch, Tale, Aggregation, All, Rally, A to izzard, Comprise, Glomeration, One and all, Round up, Accumulated, In session, Heaped, Clump, Gross, Scrape together, The whole story, Whole, Consider together, Alpha and omega, Tote, Cluster, Clustered, Join, Combine, Group, Tally, Aggregate, Accumulated, Amass, Conglomeration, Added, The lot, Blend, Run into, One, Conglomerate, Bunch together, Comprehensive, Join, Drive together, The whole range, Amassed, Come to, Congregated, Piled, Package, Match, Budget, Bundle, Beginning and end, Fuse, Each and every, Gathered, Run to, Pool, Box score, One and indivisible, Reckoning, Mix, Holistic, Difference, Snowball, Lump, Complete, Quantity, Integrated, Collection, Mass, X number, Gather, Get in, Colligate, Aggroup, Bunch, Mass, Make up, Massed, Combine, Reckon up to, Count, Universal, Cluster, Combined, Gather in, Mount up to, Put, Draw together, Agglomeration, Bulk, The entirety, Tote up to, Merge, The story, Get together, Conglobation, Integral, Compile, Unitize, Entire, Rake up, Cumulate, Gob, Mass, Set, Meeting, Bunched, Wad, Bunch up, Gross, Juxtapose, Agglomerate, Partner, Amount, Assemblage, Joined, Sum, Packaged, All-embracing, Collocate, Total, Totality, Inclusive, Corral, Assemble, Fascicled, Conglomerate, Joint, Cast, Consolidate, Account, Clumped, Add up to, Add up, Comprehensive, The bottom line, Lumped, Omnibus, All and sundry, Group, Contain, Assembled, The ensemble, Compare, Hunk, Take up, Be-all and end-all, Quantum, Complement, Number, A to Z, Heap, Package deal, Quantity, Product, Acervation, Bunch, Coalesce, Dredge up, Exhaustive, All-inclusive, Bundled, Total, Amassment, Stockpile, Put together, Full, Unite, Everything, Score, Congregate, Be-all, Lump, Throw, Collect, Composite, Pair, Combined, Knotted, Whole, Entire, Glomerate, Gathering, The whole, Leagued, Collect, Come, The corpus, Raise, Accumulate, Pile, Entirety, Chunk, Tot up to, Clump, Bring together, Wrapped up, Summation, Sum total, Collected, Gather together, Dig up

How to use Aggregate in a sentence?

  1. The incompetent fellow researcher may have spent a lot of time collecting all the data collected by other researchers.
  2. John wanted to know how much wood was in the pile of wood near the garage, so he went outside and counted the wood to make sure.
  3. The council consists of three regional assemblies.
  4. Pieces are small and easy to break, but are usually designed for a strong, durable and affordable product that consumers love.
  5. The specimens are aggregates of rock and mineral fragments.
  6. The total amount of the scholarship.
  7. Butterflies gather in small groups.

Meaning of Aggregate & Aggregate Definition