Aggregate Excess

Aggregate Excess,

What Does Aggregate Excess Mean?

  • Summary of additional general losses. One way in which the insurer can cover additional losses on the expiration of the insurance policy or the basic deduction.

Literal Meanings of Aggregate Excess


Meanings of Aggregate:
  1. Create forms or groups in classes or groups.

  2. Formed from a mixture of several (usually different) elements.

  3. A substance or structure consisting of a loose compressed mass of particles or fragments.

  4. Formation or calculation by combining several units or individual elements as a whole.

Sentences of Aggregate
  1. Butterflies gather in dense groups

  2. The council is a combination of three regional assemblies

  3. A specimen is a collection of rock fragments and minerals.

Synonyms of Aggregate

accumulated, pool, comprehensive, join, consolidate, blend, bundle, merge, pile, mass, collection, throw, heap, fuse, unite, lump, aggregate, bunch, entire, added, collect, clump, conglomerate, gross, consider together, combined, combine, group, whole, total


Meanings of Excess:
  1. Almost everything is more than necessary, permitted or required.

  2. Lack of moderation in any activity, especially when it comes to eating and drinking.

  3. Exceeding the specified or required amount.

Sentences of Excess
  1. Are you stressed out in your life?

  2. Excessive alcohol attacks

  3. Remove excess fat from meat

Synonyms of Excess

intemperance, excessive, prodigality, intemperateness, profusion, extravagance, dissolution, lack of restraint, overconsumption, immoderation, leftover, dissoluteness, glut, oversufficiency, profligacy, redundant, superabundance, superfluity, overabundance, spare