Agent provocateur

Agent provocateur,

Definition of Agent provocateur:

  1. Person who encourages, entices, or persuades another person to commit a crime, and then tries to get that person arrested (and/or convicted) for the same crime. The courts, however, equate the agent provocateur with an accomplice (and not with an informer) in the commission of that crime.

  2. A person who induces others to break the law so that they can be convicted.

Synonyms of Agent provocateur

Agitator, Agitprop, Capper, Catalyst, Come-on man, Decoy, Demagogue, Exciter, Firebrand, Fomenter, Incendiary, Inciter, Inflamer, Instigator, Mischief-maker, Plant, Provocateur, Provoker, Rabble-rouser, Ringleader, Rouser, Seditionary, Seditionist, Shill, Stool pigeon, Stoolie, Troublemaker, Urger, Initiator, Prime mover, Motivator, Architect, Designer, Deviser, Planner, Shaper, Inventor, Maker, Producer, Contriver, Mastermind, Originator, Author, Creator, Founder, Pioneer, Father, Mother, Founding father, Agent

How to use Agent provocateur in a sentence?

  1. A year later, four were hanged, even as evidence emerged revealing that the bomb may have been thrown by an agent provocateur in the employ of the police.

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