Definition of Agenda:

  1. Ordered sequence of items to be discussed in a formal meeting. The objectives of an agenda include to (1) familiarize participants with the topics to be discussed and issues to be raised, (2) indicate what prior knowledge would be expected from the participants, and (3) indicate what outcome the participants may expect from the meeting.

Synonyms of Agenda

Batting order, Beadroll, Bill, Bill of fare, Blueprint, Budget, Cadastre, Calendar, Card, Carte du jour, Census, Census report, Checklist, Checkroll, Docket, Dramatis personae, Head count, Honor roll, Jury list, Jury panel, Lineup, List of agenda, Menu, Muster, Muster roll, Nose count, Order of business, Playbill, Poll, Program, Program of operation, Programma, Property roll, Prospectus, Protocol, Questionnaire, Returns, Roll, Roll call, Roster, Rota, Schedule, Scroll, Slate, Tax roll, Timetable

How to use Agenda in a sentence?

  1. It can be difficult to judge a persons motivations in offering help, and to a person with difficulty trusting easily, it is easy to wonder whether the person has an agenda in offering help.
  2. Tomorrow at lunchtime, we will have a meeting and the agenda will be about deciding what our company´┐Żs vacation policy should be.
  3. I didnt like the look on the girls face and it made me think she had some hidden agenda and would hurt me if I dug any deeper about who she was.

Meaning of Agenda & Agenda Definition