Age Limits

Age Limits,

What is The Definition of Age Limits?

  • The youngest age at which the insured does not accept claims or renew policies.

  • Younger and older when the company does not accept candidates.

  • Minimum and maximum age below and above

Literal Meanings of Age Limits


Meanings of Age:
  1. The life of a person or the existence of something.

  2. Being older, especially noticeable and clear.

Synonyms of Age

epoch, lifetime, aeon, era, duration, number of years, time, period, span, length of life


Meanings of Limits:
  1. A point or value at which a sequence, function, or serial number can move as close as possible.

Sentences of Limits
  1. Failure to show the limits of British power

  2. In fact, the configuration changes to a range, the value of which is 2.7182818.

Synonyms of Limits

place a limit on, freeze, restrict, ceiling, cap, check, hold, peg, maximum, keep within bounds, upper limit, hold in check, curb, restrain, put a brake on, limitation