Ag 925 Tiffany Bracelet

Ag 925 Tiffany Bracelet

Tiffany & Co. What does AG925 mean on the US ring? 3

I have Tiffany's ring and Tiffany and Co. on it. 925 Carved

The ring was too big, so I changed it to the same ring, just a smaller size. Now on the inside Tiffany and Co. AG925 is engraved.

Does that mean something completely different?

The number Ag means that it is silver and 925 is a common number stamped on silver jewelry.

You may want to look for a jewelry store near you. If you live in a big city like New York or Philadelphia, there may be a Jewel / Diamond District. This is the first place you will go. The ring at Tiffanys was initially exaggerated, although the price was not just the price of the ring. You pay premium keys to Tiffanys. You will find the same ring in many other stores. I think I heard from ABC that Costco's diamond ring should be as beautiful as Tiffanys. Costco said only that it will not have a charger. In particular, you need to know what you want, because no one can answer your question and you can only choose what you see in the case. I don't agree with going to chain stores like Jared, Kay or Zales. They are overloaded for inferior quality rings. A neighborhood store that has been around for at least 10 years, in most cases, is a good deal for you. You get the first supplier, the best extra rings and the cheapest prices.

Tiffany & Co. August 925

Ag 925 Tiffany Bracelet