After My Mom Hurt Her Ankle

After My Mom Hurt Her Ankle

My mother has an ankle injury, should I go to the doctor? 3

My mother injured her ankle on Monday. He rested all day and was in pain. The swelling lasted for a few days and he started using it. Today the swelling has increased and some part of the ankle is purple. It hurts when you press. He is resting today, but I wonder if I should ask the doctor to examine him to make sure he is not serious.

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If it turns purple under any circumstances, it means that the area is not getting enough oxygen or blood may enter the area, or there may be a small fracture, or it There is an infection due to the wound (in your case, I assume it is cellulite)

With the information you gave me (you didn't tell me more details) I think it's cellulite.

So yes, take her to the doctor as soon as possible!

If not checked, it will get worse and TRN will become more expensive and difficult.

PS: Stop me from using your feet.

Oui, when I have my cassé la cheville, j'ai serré, c'était juste a sprain et je ne suis pas there chez le medécin pendant une semaine, ne fais pas la meme erhur que moi, VA chez le medécin parce qu ' Never know

It could be a sprain or fracture. Tell her to see a doctor or it will get worse!

Yes, and eat ice cream.

After My Mom Hurt Her Ankle