Afpa Accreditation

Afpa Accreditation

Is AFPA certification applicable? ۔

I am thinking of changing my career and am interested in becoming a personal trainer at some point. Are certificates like AFPA and NASM worth discussing or just a waste of time? I'm not a fitness professional, I'm a part-time athlete, I don't have formal training in nutrition or mechanics.

I will choose the best answer to give you points for your informed answer.

Thank you very much!

I am always learning this too. In my opinion, it feels right to help people achieve their fitness goals. it's fine. :)

no !!!!!! I work for a leading IT company in the Penix / Tempe area. I won A +, Network + and MCSE based on my general experience and bachelor's degree. A + certification or other lower certification can get you an entry level position, but if you are pursuing a career in IT, go to school for a bachelor's degree in this field, it applies to almost all certifications.

The most reliable certification is ACSM ...

It's worth it ... If you want to work as a coach you have to take out liability insurance ... which usually requires a certificate.


Afpa Accreditation