Definition of Afforestation:

  1. Defined by Kyoto Protocols Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as Planting of new forests on land which historically has not been covered by forest..

Synonyms of Afforestation

Christmas tree farming, Arboretum, Arboriculture, Boondocks, Bush, Bushveld, Chase, Climax forest, Cloud forest, Dendrology, Forest, Forest land, Forest management, Forest preserve, Forestation, Forestry, Fringing forest, Gallery forest, Greenwood, Hanger, Index forest, Jungle, Jungles, Logging, Lumbering, National forest, Palmetto barrens, Park, Park forest, Pine barrens, Primeval forest, Protection forest, Rain forest, Reforestation, Scrub, Scrubland, Selection forest, Shrubland, Silviculture, Sprout forest, Stand of timber, State forest, Timber, Timberland, Tree farming, Tree veld, Virgin forest, Wildwood, Wood, Woodcraft, Woodland, Woods

How to use Afforestation in a sentence?

  1. We had a new afforestation plan that was ready to be put into action, so we could help climate change.
  2. Some companies are trying to use afforestation to show the community that they really do care about the environment a lot.
  3. The afforestation effort was applauded by all parties in the region as we realize we all are in a partnership with nature.

Meaning of Afforestation & Afforestation Definition