Affirmative defense

Affirmative defense,

Definition of Affirmative defense:

  1. Defendants statement (usually filed in response to the prosecutions charge) that discloses new facts which, if proved, will defeat the prosecutions case. Claim of contributory negligence or duress in civil cases, and of insanity or self defense in criminal cases, are some of the affirmative defenses.

How to use Affirmative defense in a sentence?

  1. I knew the defendant would be okay because he had an affirmative defense that would take down the prosecution and free him.
  2. The attorney plans to introduce an affirmative defense in hopes that the new facts will get his client cleared of all charges.
  3. If you can have a strong affirmative defense then you will have a very good chance of winning your case.

Meaning of Affirmative defense & Affirmative defense Definition

Affirmative Defense,

Affirmative Defense Definition:

  • You can define Affirmative Defense as, A statement of defense in which the defendant provides new evidence that does not support the plaintiff's claim and which is credible excuses the defendant from civil or criminal liability. For example, in a product liability claim, the defendant may claim that the plaintiff or a third party changed or damaged the product after placing it in the defendant's hands.

  • Meaning of Affirmative Defense: In addition to denying allegations or claims, defendants can effectively apply for defense action, such as to avoid criminal liability, such as insanity, self-defense, or fraud, or to obtain prescription or bankruptcy to avoid civil liability. May need

Literal Meanings of Affirmative Defense


Meanings of Affirmative:
  1. Accept or accept the announcement.

  2. Help, hope or encouragement.

  3. Telling the facts are statements.

  4. Announcement of approval or approval for confirmation or application.

  5. Used to describe a word or particle.

  6. A statement confirming that something is true about the title of the sentence.

  7. Express your agreement with a statement or ask what you do.

Sentences of Affirmative
  1. Accept the answer as positive

  2. In this case, the content of a complex sentence, positive or negative, is expressed by a single morpheme that cannot be analyzed.

  3. The term A or universal statement takes shape: All S P.

  4. "I agree, sir," replied the ship's tactical officer.

Synonyms of Affirmative

absolutely, helpful, sensitive, reassuring, supportive, indeed, agreed, certainly, roger, sympathetic, understanding, affirmative, of course, in the affirmative, alright, sure, very well, by all means, all right


Meanings of Defense:
  1. Defending or carrying out an attack.

  2. In any case, the cases brought by the plaintiff or the defendant or by them.

  3. The act or role of defending a goal against an opponent (in sports).

Sentences of Defense
  1. He came to defend the eccentric teacher

  2. The farmers' defense was that they only wanted to hurt the thieves.

  3. We play a strong defense

Synonyms of Defense

protection, safeguarding, denial, shielding, rebuttal, guarding