Affiliation Privilege

Affiliation Privilege,

Affiliation Privilege:

  • A tax deduction or rebate on the payment of profits to a stable subsidiary by a permanent subsidiary that holds a certain number of shares to reduce the double tax on such profits.

Literal Meanings of Affiliation Privilege


Meanings of Affiliation:
  1. Membership or affiliation status or process.

Sentences of Affiliation
  1. Your political affiliation

Synonyms of Affiliation

amalgamation, coupling, confederation, uniting, joining, integrating, combining, incorporating, federation, connecting, bonding, federating, confederating, attaching, aligning, fusion, associating, allying, amalgamating, annexing, integration, merging, incorporation


Meanings of Privilege:
  1. Grant one or more permissions.

  2. Special rights, benefits or protective rights granted or available to certain individuals or groups.

Sentences of Privilege
  1. In British inheritance, the law preferred the oldest child

Synonyms of Privilege

birthright, due, right, benefit, advantage, prerogative, entitlement