Definition of Affiant:

  1. US term for the person who makes a voluntary declaration of facts in a written statement and signs it under oath. The equivalent UK term is deponent. See also affidavit.

  2. A person who swears to an affidavit.

How to use Affiant in a sentence?

  1. The affiant made a statement and we had to respect that so their words were pivotal in the case and our business future.
  2. I am in no position to determine the accuracy of any such allegations or the veracity of the affiants of the affidavits in support of the application.
  3. If you need someone to make a report for you in a legal setting you should go with the one that you think will be the most affiant .
  4. He swore by the affidavit and thus was an affiant , which meant he swore to its truth and could attest to its validity.

Meaning of Affiant & Affiant Definition