Definition of Aesthetic:

  1. A set of principles that identifies the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

  2. Take care of beauty or enjoy beauty.

  3. In terms of beauty. The aesthetic magic I saw in the busy landscape amazed me.

Synonyms of Aesthetic

In good taste, Artistic, Of choice, Pleasing, Beauteous, Sensitive, Art-conscious, Aesthetically appealing, Discriminating, Cultivated, Attractive, Subdued, Pretty, Restrained, Painterly, Handsome, Flowerlike, Fine, Refined, Beautiful, Excellent, Pulchritudinous, Of consummate art, Lovely, Elegant, Chaste, Classic, Eye-filling, Exquisite, Simple, Gracile, Ornamental, Graceful, Endowed with beauty, Understated, Quiet, Arty, Tasteful, Attic, Well-chosen, Pure, Choice, Of quality, Heavy, Unobtrusive, Unaffected

How to use Aesthetic in a sentence?

  1. Photos provide aesthetic pleasure.
  2. The aesthetics of Cubism.

Meaning of Aesthetic & Aesthetic Definition

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