Definition of Adware:

  1. Software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material (often unwanted) when a user is online.

  2. A type of software that comes bundled in with other software, which displays advertisements on a users computer that relate to the type of internet searches and webpages that the individual has viewed. This type of software poses a threat to a users personal information due to the fact that the information collected is sent over the Internet, which could result in hackers accessing it. Adware is usually installed without the user requesting it and has the capacity to severely slow down a computers performance. Other software has been designed to help users remove this hidden software from their machines.

  3. Adware, a term derived from "advertising-supported software," is software that displays advertising on a computer screen or mobile device, redirects search results to advertising websites, and collects user data for marketing purposes.

  4. Adware's purpose is to generate revenue by serving ads to an Internet user while they are surfing the web or during the initial installation of programs or applications such as toolbars or games. Adware can take a variety of forms from display and banner ads to full-screen ads, videos, and pop-ups.

How to use Adware in a sentence?

  1. Monitoring of your online activities should be available to yourself also, not just adware and spybot programs.
  2. Antivirus software is essential to help protect a computer and its user from malicious adware.
  3. Adware generates revenue for a company through display and pay-per-click advertising.
  4. Adware is an "advertising-supported software" that displays ads on websites and collects data on a user's behavior for marketing purposes.
  5. Not all adware is malware.

Meaning of Adware & Adware Definition