Advocacy advertising

Advocacy advertising,

Definition of Advocacy advertising:

  1. Advertising is used to support a particular message or purpose. Unlike commercial advertisements, advertisements are viewed for the benefit of the group or the public and do not generally advertise products or services. Funds for defense advertising can come from non-profit organizations, companies or private advocacy groups. Some governments require advertising agencies to state clearly how funding will be provided.

  2. Advertise in support of a public interest objective, position, or issue.

  3. Advertising usually focuses on relevant areas, such as social, economic and political issues. For example, an organization that wants to set up a drug treatment program in their community can start a fundraiser to set up a center to accommodate its efforts. These campaigns may be included in the policy if these local candidates raise concerns about the program and the Drug Treatment Organization supports the opposing candidate.

How to use Advocacy advertising in a sentence?

  1. Advertising is a form of marketing used primarily by nonprofits and private groups to influence public opinion and support specific goals or messages.
  2. This is different from commercial advertising because it does not advertise any product or service.
  3. Sometimes companies use advertising when public perceptions or government policies negatively affect their ability to do business.
  4. Often, its focus is on economic, social, environmental or political issues.

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