Definition of Advisory:

  1. Official documents that provide advice.

  2. Being able to offer suggestions or opinions. In addition to expressing opinions, an advisory committee or similar group has the authority to make decisions or make decisions on an issue. For example, an advisory board committee may decide that certain restrictions or rules are being followed properly.

  3. Has the authority to make recommendations, but does not take steps to implement them

  4. A formal announcement or public communication to alert you to a particular threat or danger. For example, an official statement from the National Meteorological Center that warns the public of potentially dangerous weather conditions.

  5. An official announcement, usually a warning of bad weather.

Synonyms of Advisory

Admonitory, Moralistic, Sententious, Council, Helping, Educative, Remonstratory, Statement, Announcement, Expostulative, Deliberative, Admonition, Message, Didactic, Hortatory, Notification, Proclamation, Hortative, Consultative, Informational, Communicative, Recommending, Recommendatory, Counselling, Synodal, Informing, Pronouncement, Consultative, Missive, Synodic, Informative, News flash, Declaration, Expostulatory, Aiding, Educational, Assisting, Exhortative, Dispatch, Report, Prediction, Monitorial, Advising, Directive, Instructive, Remonstrant, Preachy, Official communication, Enlightening, Consulting, Monitory, Bulletin, Cautionary, Consultatory, Exhortatory, Press release, Notice, Bulletin, Warning, Recommendatory, Remonstrative

How to use Advisory in a sentence?

  1. The commission advises the government.
  2. Frozen indicators

Meaning of Advisory & Advisory Definition