Definition of Advise:

  1. To give advice; counsel. He asked his lawyer to advise him on the appropriate actions he should take in the important legal matter. The parents advised all of their young children to behave and listen to their teachers..

Synonyms of Advise

Acquaint, Admonish, Advertise, Advertise of, Advocate, Alert, Apprise, Brief, Bring word, Caution, Clue, Coach, Coax, Collogue, Commend, Communicate, Confab, Confabulate, Confer, Consult, Consult with, Counsel, Cry havoc, Deliberate, Direct, Disclose, Encourage, Enlighten, Familiarize, Fill in, Forewarn, Give fair warning, Give notice, Give the facts, Give warning, Give word, Guide, Huddle, Impart, Induce, Inform, Instruct, Issue an ultimatum, Kibitz, Leave word, Let know, Let out, Meddle, Mention to, Notify, Parley, Persuade, Post, Powwow, Prescribe, Propose, Recommend, Register, Report, Reveal, Send word, Serve notice, Sound the alarm, Speak, Submit, Suggest, Tell, Threaten, Tip, Tip off, Treat, Urge, Utter a caveat, Verse, Warn, Warn against, Win over

Meaning of Advise & Advise Definition