Definition of Advertorial:

  1. The word “advertorial” combines the words “advertisement” and “editorial.”.

  2. Large advertisement deliberately styled to look like the editorial (non-advertisement) matter of a newspaper or magazine in which it appears. Its television equivalent is infomercial..

  3. A newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article.

  4. Advertorial is magazine, newspaper or website content that looks and reads like that publication’s own content but is, in fact, a paid advertisement. Advertorial content often has the feel of an editorial in that it presents an opinion, but it may also report on product trends or the results of research studies. Advertorials can also appear in video form on websites.

How to use Advertorial in a sentence?

  1. Todays newspapers are crammed with advertising and advertorials, and journalists are seen as corrupt by many readers.
  2. The local car dealership took out a full-page advertorial in the Sunday paper, highlighting the benefits of the 2015 Chevy Camaro.
  3. You may want to put out an advertorial to get people to notice your product and read what you have to say.
  4. The advertorial was very well made and I told my friend to come take a look at it and he agreed with me.

Meaning of Advertorial & Advertorial Definition



You can define Advertorial as, Advertisements in magazines or newspapers are written as articles that reflect the facts and not as advertisements for a product.

Meanings of Advertorial

  1. Advertisements in newspapers or magazines that contain editorial information about an objective or objective news article.

Sentences of Advertorial

  1. Today's newspapers are full of advertisements and informationalities and many readers think that journalists are corrupt.


What is Advertorial?

  • Magazines or newspaper advertisements are written as articles that present facts rather than promoting UCITS.

Meanings of Advertorial

  1. Newspaper or magazine advertisements that provide information about a product in the style of a newspaper.


Advertorial Meanings:

  1. Meaning of Advertorial: Magazines or newspaper advertisements that are written as factual articles rather than promoting UCITS.

Meanings of Advertorial

  1. Newspaper or magazine ads that display information about a product in the form of a newspaper or targeted editorial article.