Definition of Advertising:

  1. Activities or professions that produce information to promote the sale of commercial products or services.

How to use Advertising in a sentence?

  1. I noticed that Cafeteria was the school's new advertising campaign for a new type of drink.
  2. I work for an advertising agency that designs, creates and sells online advertising for toys, games, electronics and children's books.
  3. Many companies hire advertising companies to promote new products to increase sales and increase profits.

Meaning of Advertising & Advertising Definition

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What is The Definition of Advertising?

  • A simple definition of Advertising is: Advertise and sell products or services to potential customers. Promoting a program etc. or drawing public attention.

  • Draw public attention to your company, usually for the purpose of marketing a product or service, using various means of communication such as print media or radio advertising.

Meanings of Advertising

  1. Advertising activity or work for commercial products or services.

Sentences of Advertising

  1. Moviegoers receive ads

Synonyms of Advertising

buildup , hoopla , billing , pitch , exhibiting , hype , ballyhoo , plug , promotion , screamer , PR , posting , exposition , exhibition , announcing , proclamation , broadcasting , displaying , announcement , squib , promoting , publicity , promo , blasting , spread , puff , hard sell


What is Advertising?

Advertising means, Advertising and selling products or services to all customers. Advertising or drawing public attention to an event, etc.

Meanings of Advertising

  1. The activity or profession of creating advertisements for commercial products or services.

  2. Representing or attracting attention (a product, service or event) in the public media to promote sales or endorsement.

Sentences of Advertising

  1. Outdoor Beer Advertising