Adverse Carrier

Adverse Carrier,

What is Adverse Carrier?

The term refers to the insurer of another party.

Literal Meanings of Adverse Carrier


Meanings of Adverse:
  1. Stopping success or negative progress.

Sentences of Adverse
  1. Taxes have a negative effect on production

Synonyms of Adverse

unlucky, unfavourable, unfortunate, disadvantageous, untoward, inauspicious, unpropitious, untimely


Meanings of Carrier:
  1. Someone or something that carries, holds or transfers something.

  2. The person or company that professionally transports goods or persons.

  3. The person or animal that transmits a pathogenic organism to another. The user usually has no symptoms of the disease.

  4. A substance used to transport or transport another substance, e.g. B. Pigment, catalyst or radioactive material.

Sentences of Carrier
  1. Pan Am was the third American airline to cease operations in 1991

  2. The black rat, known as the carrier of the bubonic plague

Synonyms of Carrier

bearer, conveyor, transporter