Definition of Advergame:

  1. A video game which in some way contains an advertisement for a product, service, or company. Some advergames are created by a company with the sole purpose of promoting the company itself or one of its products, and the game may be distributed freely as a marketing tool. Other times, an advergame can be a regular popular video game, which may be sponsored by a company, and include advertisements within the game for the sponsoring company; for example you might see a character drink a particular brand of soft drink, or a race car might drive past a billboard advertising a certain snack food. Advergames have become more popular with the rise of the internet.

  2. A downloadable or Internet-based video game that advertises a brand-name product by featuring it as part of the game.

How to use Advergame in a sentence?

  1. The technology isnt nearly as sophisticated as video games, because most developers outfit advergames to accommodate slow modems.

Meaning of Advergame & Advergame Definition