Adventure capitalist

Adventure capitalist,

Definition of Adventure capitalist:

  1. Adventure capitalists generally support companies in emerging industries. Although such companies are very unlikely to succeed, the few of them which do succeed can occasionally achieve extraordinary returns for their early investors.

  2. Investor who takes stake in path breaking or untested businesses with an uncertain chance of success, usually at a very early stage, and often actively participates in their management. Compare with venture capitalist.

  3. The term "adventure capitalist" is colloquially used to describe venture capital (VC) investors who have particularly high risk tolerances. They often become actively involved in the companies they invest in.

How to use Adventure capitalist in a sentence?

  1. Adventure capitalists are VC investors known for their high risk tolerances.
  2. Adventure capitalists often become personally involved in the companies they invest in, in order to maximize their chances of success.
  3. They generally focus on companies pursuing disruptive technologies or who seek to become pioneers in emerging industries.

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