Definition of Advantage:

  1. Any trait, feature or aspect that gives an individual, entity or any other thing a more favorable opportunity for success. The advantages of Marys plan, compared to Bobs plan, were that it required less money and manpower, and would be completed 5 days sooner. He had an advantage over the other job candidates due to his personal relationship with the CEO. Opposite of disadvantage.

  2. Put in a favorable or more favorable position.

  3. A condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.

Synonyms of Advantage

Accommodation, Account, Advance, Advancement, Advantageously, Advantageousness, Advisability, Allowance, Amenity, Answer, Appliance, Applicability, Appropriateness, Appurtenance, Ascendancy, Asset, Avail, Be handy, Be of use, Be right, Befit, Befitting, Behalf, Behoof, Benediction, Beneficialness, Benefit, Benison, Bestead, Better, Betterment, Blessing, Boon, Boost, Break no bones, Bulge, Coign of vantage, Conduce to, Contribute to, Convenience, Deadwood, Decency, Desirability, Do, Do good, Do no harm, Do the trick, Dominance, Domination, Draw, Drop, Edge, Encourage, Enhancement, Expedience, Expediency, Expedite, Facilitate, Facility, Favor, Feasibility, Fill the bill, Fit, Fitness, Fittingness, Flying start, Foothold, Footing, Forward, Fruitfulness, Further, Gain, Give good returns, Godsend, Good, Handicap, Hasten, Head start, Heightening, Help, Hold, Improvement, Inside track, Interest, Jump, Lead, Leadership, Lend wings to, Make for, Mastery, Not come amiss, Odds, Opportuneness, Overhand, Pay, Pay off, Percentage, Point, Politicness, Profit, Profitability, Promote, Propriety, Prosperity, Prudence, Purchase, Push forward, Put forward, Quicken, Relevance, Rightness, Running start, Seasonableness, Seemliness, Serve, Serve the purpose, Service, Serviceability, Set forward, Something extra, Something in reserve, Speed, Start, Suffice, Suit the occasion, Suitability, Superiority, Sway, Timeliness, To advantage, Toehold, Traction, Upper hand, Use, Usefulness, Utility, Value, Vantage, Vantage ground, Vantage point, Victory, Welfare, Well-being, Whip hand, Wisdom, Work, Work for, World of good, Worth, Worthwhileness, Yield a profit, Upper hand, Edge, Lead, Head, Whip hand, Trump card

How to use Advantage in a sentence?

  1. The other team had a clear advantage because their players were a lot bigger than us and better at basketball.
  2. The other team had a clear advantage because their players were a lot bigger than us and better at basketball.
  3. Companies with a computerized database are at an advantage.
  4. When in a negotiation try not to come off to desperate because if you do the other party will quickly gain the advantage .
  5. Are we simply caught in a spiral here that will be destructive of our interests while, obviously, significantly advantaging theirs?.

Meaning of Advantage & Advantage Definition

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