Definition of Admonition:

  1. An act or action of admonishing; authoritative counsel or warning.

  2. Authoritative advice, caution, or reprimand by a court to an accused, his or her counsel, or the jury, about a legal matter or the consequences of ones conduct.

Synonyms of Admonition

Admonishment, Advice, Advising, Advocacy, Alarm, Briefing, Castigation, Caution, Cautioning, Caveat, Chastisement, Chiding, Consultation, Correction, Council, Counsel, Determent, Deterrence, Deterrent example, Direction, Example, Exhortation, Expostulation, Final notice, Final warning, Forewarning, Frightening off, Guidance, Hint, Hortation, Idea, Instruction, Intimidation, Lecture, Lesson, Monition, Moral, Notice, Notification, Object lesson, Objurgation, Opinion, Parley, Proposal, Rap, Rating, Rebuke, Recommendation, Remonstrance, Reprehension, Reprimand, Reproach, Reprobation, Reproof, Reproval, Scolding, Sermon, Spanking, Suggestion, Talking out of, Thought, Threat, Tip-off, Ultimatum, Upbraiding, Verbum sapienti, Warning, Warning piece, Wig, Reprimand, Rebuke, Reproof, Remonstrance, Reproach, Admonishment, Stricture, Lecture, Criticism, Recrimination, Tirade, Diatribe, Philippic, Harangue, Attack

How to use Admonition in a sentence?

  1. The old judges admonition to the jury on this point was particularly weighty.

Meaning of Admonition & Admonition Definition