How Do You Define Admits?

  1. Get in the hospital. The term is used to describe the number of people admitted to a hospital over a period of time.

Meanings of Admits

  1. Admit it is true or not.

  2. Let (someone) enter a place.

  3. Accepted as valid.

  4. Allow opportunity.

Sentences of Admits

  1. The Home Office has finally admitted that several prisoners were injured

  2. Retirees enter the museum for free

  3. Courts may refuse to accept illegally obtained police evidence

  4. It is important to notify you of further delays.

Synonyms of Admits

condone, house , take in , be big on , initiate , give the nod , give access to, permit, introduce , grant , entertain , lodge , suffer , bring into the open, approve of, sign , grant entrance to, permit entry, confess, concede , reveal, give admission to, let in, show in, permit , bring to light, allow, receive , sign off on