Definition of Admissions:

  1. Facts admitted or taken to be admitted by a party to litigation, in a civil case. An informal admission is made in a document or by word of mouth before or during proceedings. A formal admission is made by pleadings, or in reply to interrogatories.

  2. The process or fact of entering or being allowed to enter a place or organization.

  3. A statement acknowledging the truth of something.

Synonyms of Admissions

Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Recognition, Concession, Profession, Expression, Declaration, Confession, Revelation, Disclosure, Divulgence, Avowal, Claim, Unbosoming, Owning up, Admittance, Entry, Entrance, Right of entry, Permission to enter, Access, Means of entry, Ingress, Entrée, Acceptance

How to use Admissions in a sentence?

  1. The evening before her admission to hospital.
  2. An admission of guilt.

Meaning of Admissions & Admissions Definition