Admission board

Admission board,

Definition of Admission board:

  1. A designated committee by a corporation or company that determines collectively whether or not an individual can require the rights to be a member of said company or corporation. Those rights typically apply to that person being able to be a shareholder, and own stock in that company.

  2. An admission board's requirements for listed companies may include: the submission of two to three previous years' worth of financial statements, the issuance of a prospectus and the meeting or exceeding of minimum requirements for total market value, number of shares outstanding and share price. The board's guidelines and decisions must comply with securities regulations established by the government. An exchange's admission board generally consists of high-level executives such as CEOs, CFOs, directors, vice presidents and partners from a variety of major companies.

  3. An admissions board comprises representatives of a particular stock exchange who determine whether a company will be allowed to list its shares on that exchange. An exchange's admission board establishes the exchange's listing requirements, ensures that listed stocks comply with those requirements and makes decisions about when a stock should be delisted.

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