Administrative Order On Consent

Administrative Order On Consent,

Administrative Order On Consent:

Administrative Order On Consent means, A legal agreement such as a government agency such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a person, company or other entity that has agreed to pay, correct corrective or sanitary measures or activities to correct a criminal violation. Signed by It describes the action to be taken, can be commented on, applies to civil proceedings, and can be executed in court.

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Meanings of Administrative:
  1. Regarding the management of a company, organization, etc.

Synonyms of Administrative

directing, directorial, managerial, management, governmental, regulatory, supervisory, controlling, organizational, executive


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Meanings of Consent:
  1. Permission to do something or permission to do something.

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Sentences of Consent
  1. No changes can be made without the consent of all partners

  2. Approve the spy investigation

Synonyms of Consent

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